Monday, March 8, 2010


I don't think that Sabrina and I have had a day together this good ever. We went to Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Tar-jay to find a spring jacket (hello, thanks for taking me by surprise, and see below for my rant about the teacher), with no success, but also with only smiles, holding my hand, lots of joking (anyone want 37 cats?), and no meltdowns when she asked for things and I told her no.

We went to the grocery store and Sabrina wanted a pineapple. I asked her if she promised to eat the whole thing herself. She said no. (Great restraint on her part.) So we didn't get the pineapple; I have a ridiculous aversion to it--I won't eat anything that has been touched by pineapple, though I like fruity drinks with pineapple juice, go figure--so I wasn't going to be eating any of it myself.

We got home, stayed up a little too late because I let her watch two Doras instead of only one, got ready for bed and were halfway through the second story when she said she wanted a snack. She doesn't normally do the typical stall-bedtime-by-asking-for-everything-under-the-sun routine, so I asked if she wanted a yogurt and she said yes. So we got up, had a yogurt, brushed teeth again, and then finished the story. And even though she was obviously tired, she held it together when I did obnoxious things like say "good night, sleep well!"

Okay, time for my rant about Sabrina's teacher. The temperature today was in the low 60s. Certainly not shorts weather (though I saw someone around lunchtime wearing shorts--and not to go running) but also not bundle up against the cold weather. Sabrina has a fleece vest that she likes to wear, and when I picked her up today she was wearing it zipped up and her winter coat still open. When she saw me, she started to zip her coat. (Which is absolutely fantastic. She knows that when I come, we're going outside, and when it is cold, we zip our coat.) I knelt down next to her and said that she didn't need to zip her coat because it was really beautiful and not that cold out. Keep in mind that she did have a fleece vest covering her chest already. But her teacher said "it's not spring yet!" "True," I said, "but I really don't want her to melt outside." To which the teacher reminded me that Sabrina has asthma, which I guess means that until it is too hot and humid outside to breathe, one needs to be sweating in eight layers. Ugh.

And a quick note on Sabrina's weekend with her dad. He just called me because he thinks that she got a tick bite and he wants to make sure that I monitor it. Definitely. I'm really glad that he called. My quibble, though? He is (legitimately) concerned that she could get lyme disease. He is (not legitimately) concerned about it because his neighbor said that he "got lyme disease three times last summer." Maybe the neighbor got bitten by ticks three times last summer. Maybe he even got lyme disease (which would suck for him; I have a friend with lyme disease and it is really debilitating). But it's not like a cold which you can get more than one of in a season. Oh well, off to check out WebMD.

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