Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This morning's scolding

It has happened. One of those things that probably happens to all foster parents eventually. A rite of passage, you might say.

Let me elaborate.

One of Sabrina's classmates is just the sweetest thing ever. (Yes, I realize this is heretical, to say that another child is sweeter than mine. But really, this little girl deserves the exaggeration.) Let's call her...Wendy (as in Wendy Darling, in Peter Pan).

Wendy always says "hi" to me when I take Sabrina to school and was the first of Sabrina's classmates to spontaneously hug me.

This morning, as Sabrina and I got to school forty five minutes late (ugh), Wendy and her little brother were getting to school with their daddy. Daddy called across the street to me (Sabrina and I were still getting out of the car) and asked me, in that I'm-using-words-that-should-be-a-question-but-it's-really-a-command tone, to talk to him if I have a problem with him or Wendy's mom, not to Wendy. Huh? I responded that I didn't know what he was referring to, but of course I would talk to him and not his five year old daughter.

He went on and on, saying that he knows I'm a social worker (which I'm not) but he has his life together and he's dealing with a lot from Wendy's mom and so on and so forth. He also told Wendy "tell her what you were just telling me." Wendy responded "I said "hi Miss [Foster Ima]." Her dad then made a comment suggesting that Wendy wasn't being an accurate reporter of what she told him. The whole thing made me wonder if someone made a report on his family to CPS. It certainly wasn't me. But Wendy was out of school for at least a week and a half, so it's possible that the school made a report based on educational neglect. And the only time I remember talking to Wendy about her mom or dad was when Sabrina started talking about playdates, and I said that Wendy or their other friend (blog name Faith) could definitely come over but their mommies wanted to meet me first.

I wish I knew what Wendy's dad was talking about, but I know that I didn't do anything harmful to him. I just hope that Wendy and her little brother are okay.

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