Monday, March 22, 2010


This post is, nominally, about Easter. And my Very. Large. Gripes. about celebrating Easter in public school.

But I have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

Sabrina brought a note home today from her teacher. It was dated today. March 22. And it said, essentially, "We will be making Easter baskets on March 19. Please send your child to school with a basket and a bag of grass no later than Thursday, March 18. I will provide the goodies."

Small fish to fry: why do I have to go and buy plastic schlock when Sabrina is going to get an Easter basket from her family anyway?

Big fish to fry: get your dates right, teacher!

Now, off to find the part of the regulations that says this is totally against the rules. (Because you know, the Constitution is such an obscure document.)

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