Monday, March 22, 2010

Good news!

I can't post about this yet on my non-anonymous blog because it isn't official (darn city human resources department), but I have a job! This is the job that I learned about back in August when I told the would-be boss that my job was being eliminated, and she immediately emailed her boss to ask if she could hire me. Yes, AUGUST. The vacancy was finally posted in November, I applied a week later, and was interviewed last Friday. The 12th, that is. They need me to start ASAP which could actually be on Monday. If HR ever calls me to actually offer me the job.

I will be replacing the only person who has ever held the job. He was in the office since its creation some 35 or 37 years ago.

And (here's the really fun part), I might hold the job for less than a month.

Crazy, huh? The possibility exists that I could get a promotion almost immediately. This is why they need me to start ASAP. One of the (very few) other people in the office just got a new job and is leaving. Imminently. So 1. they need me to start so that he can train me, and 2. his job is better than mine and better suited to my qualifications (it's actually an attorney job), so after he goes, they will want to slide me into his position.

But for now, am just waiting for my phone to ring...

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