Monday, March 22, 2010

Today's plans

I was supposed to wake up with my alarm at around 6 this morning, enjoy a yogurt while catching up on blogs, then get ready for my day and go to my volunteer job early to get lots done before picking Sabrina up at school.

Since it's only 8:30 and I'm caught up on blogs and have eaten breakfast, I suppose I could technically go volunteer, get there early, get lots done, and pick Sabrina up.

But I got up around 7, caught up on blogs while standing next to my bed (have I mentioned here that my bed is 18 feet off the floor? it makes a great laptop stand), ate pizza (homemade) for breakfast, have watched an old episode of Mad About You, and emailed in sick.

Because I am either sick (oh please G-d no) or suffering my Big City's notorious allergies and either way, feel like doing nothing other than sitting on the couch knitting, or perhaps napping.

First, though, my educationally enriching plans for Sabrina this afternoon, which require prep work. She is learning the letter B in school. So I am going to look through magazines for pictures of things that start with the letter B and we are going to make collages.

Yay, scissors!

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