Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brief updates

1. I made it to the verizon store today and changed my plan to the 900 minutes a month plan, just for this month. I have about 300 spare minutes that I can use between today and tomorrow now. Next week I'll call and switch it back to the 450 minutes a month plan. In April I'll probably go with something pre-paid.

2. The psychologist wasn't there yesterday, but a colleague was there waiting in case we came. It turns out that Sabrina doesn't have to be there at all, so I rescheduled to go tomorrow.

3. Still haven't heard from Wilma.

4. Went to Tar-jay this morning and got some Christmas presents for Sabrina. The problem is that I don't want her opening them at dad's house, because I want her to have (most) of them here. Like the Dora tent. Trying to get her more comfortable with being in her bedroom. (I also bought Dora sheets for her bed, but am going to play by ear whether it is likely that they will get her to sleep in her room.) And I bought her a cute pink polka dot suitcase, since she has accumulated things while here.

5. I talked to George yesterday. It was a little weird. We had a heated discussion on the relative merits of leasing vs buying a car. And he kept asking me if I was okay, though our phone/email tag on Thursday (when Sabrina was pulling my hair and I was bawling) ended with me emailing him, and him not emailing back. When there was reason to think that I might not be okay. Of course I WAS okay, but still. And why did he ask me on the phone "when are you coming to Florida?" Hello? Men are odd.

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