Monday, December 21, 2009

Quiet day

I talked to Sabrina's GAL yesterday; she called Sabrina's dad and arranged that he would bring Sabrina to her mental health assessment this morning and I would meet them there. In the meantime, the GAL would call Wilma's supervisor this morning (Wilma doesn't work on Mondays) to figure out if dad really is supposed to have Sabrina for her entire 2 week winter break (what dad reported being told by Wilma) or if she was supposed to come back with me after the appointment.

(The GAL also gave me Wilma's cell phone number; when I called it, the greeting was the generic "you have reached the SprintPCS mailbox of xxx-xxx-xxxx." So I don't have so much faith that it actually is hers. Or that she checks it. At least it was on.)

This morning dad called me about an hour before Sabrina's appointment to tell me that he was snowed in and we would have to reschedule the appointment. Fabulous. I asked when he thought he would be able to get out, and he said "a few days." There's a pretty big skeptic inside of me screaming to get out.

But I couldn't do anything about it, and was pretty skeptical that the psychologist would show up today because of the snow (though my passive aggressive tendencies led me to really want to show up and sit in the lobby of the agency as I waited for the psychologist to not show up), so figured it wasn't worth stressing over. Instead I called the psychologist and left a message cancelling, called Wilma, and called the GAL.

Then I sat on the sofa with 30Rock streaming on netflix and the mini-afghan I started knitting for Sabrina yesterday. And that's where I still am. More than 20 episodes of 30Rock later.

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