Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sabrina is in her room, hopefully putting on her shoes. The timer is going to beep in 42 seconds (as I type), but that didn't help with the tooth brushing this morning. After she washed her face, she threw her toothbrush and toothpaste at me.

Last night she pitched a crying fit for about a half hour wanting to call her Mommy. Maybe I was wrong to do this, but she had talked to her mommy for 40 minutes already yesterday, and it was bedtime, so I told her no. After she calmed down and we read two stories, she fell asleep. For an hour.

After the 9 pm wake up, she also woke up (and woke me up) at 12:15, 2:15, and 4:15. We haven't been back to sleep since then. She wanted to call her mommy at 4:15 in the morning. She didn't believe me that mommy was sleeping. So she screamed for an hour.

While I was in the bathroom, she walked in on me more than once, even though we have talked about knocking on closed doors and waiting for an answer.

I asked her if she wanted to wear pants or a dress to school and she didn't answer, so I laid out pants. She then yelled that she wanted to wear a dress; when I told her that I didn't know that because she didn't answer my question, she said that she DID answer.

She came out to the living room needing help unbuttoning the shirt she slept in (her uniform shirt from yesterday) but just stood in the doorway looking pathetic. I asked her if she needed help and she said "yes, duh" as if she always let me help and why am I so confused about when she wants help and when she doesn't.

I know she's only four. I know she misses her mommy. I know that life sucks for her right now. But I'm tired and frustrated and don't know what to do for her. And I don't even have a full day to recharge since she has a doctor's appointment at 1 this afternoon.

I've got to get better at this.


  1. We've fostered a total of 22 children, and out of those 22, all the hardest ones were 4 years old. It is such a very, very hard age. I will be praying for you!

  2. First of all - STOP TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for Sabrina's behavior. She is acting like this for a number of reasons - she misses mommy, she's in a strange place, she doesn't know what's happening next, she's been spoiled for 4 yeas...(and these are just the ones that you already know!). The way you are dealing with her is right on - but that doesn't change all of those other reasons that she's acting out. You are not responsible for making her behave.

    You are responsible for setting limits, giving consequences, providing security and some unconditional positive affection. And as far as I can tell, you are doing those things. So, let yourself off the hook. :)