Sunday, December 13, 2009

George, updated

Apparently, an unemployed 32 year old who blogs better than she pours out her heart on the phone and who can't control a 4 year old is not an ideal candidate for supportive, mature, secure partner for a 40 year old divorced father of four.

So there won't be more posts about George, it seems. I guess we're back to the phone only ringing if it's my mom. (Or the Agency, but they mostly call my landline.)


  1. :o( Aww, I'm so sorry! FYI, though, I think you are doing a GREAT job with the 4-year-old from what I read as I caught up on my blogs this evening. {hugs}

  2. I'm sorry George didn't work out.

  3. I'm sorry, and sorry I wasn't online this weekend to see it sooner. Long-distance stuff is hard and for me would be pretty close to impossible if talking on the phone was the medium of choice.... But surely there's someone out there seeking a thoughtful blogger with a big heart and big vocabulary, right? (I can't figure out a way to say that if I were single that's what I'd want without sounding like I'm hitting on you!)

    And since you alluded to it, I think it may be harder for someone who has 4 children and thus lots of parenting experience to see how hard first-time parenting experiences like yours can be. You're doing a great job with Sabrina given the far-from-ideal circumstances and you're learning and getting better and more comfortable as you go along. May the same be true for your romantic life!

  4. Your beshert is out there! So sorry for this disappointment.