Friday, December 18, 2009

This morning's adventure

We were 50 minutes late to school this morning. Why? Nothing related to Sabrina's behavior, though she was a little slow and then after the rest of the adventure we had to go back inside for her to go to the bathroom, and that took 20 minutes. No, Sabrina actually was fantastic during this morning's adventure.

We got to the car and she got in and let me buckle her, we drove up the parking lot driveway, and there we were stopped. By a car that broke down right in front of the only exit from the parking lot. "Can you put the car in neutral and push it?" "No." Ugh.

So we drove back to my parking spot, got out of the car (with, I should add, her bookbag, my bookbag--with her medication and an extra school uniform, her bag of toys, and her bag of Christmas presents from the Agency), went inside, and then tried to do some problem solving. Could we take public transportation? It would take too long, was too cold, and I don't actually know whether you have to pay for a 4 year old on the subway. Could we take a cab? I didn't want to shlep a booster seat with us, and regardless of whether it is legal to ride in a cab without a booster seat, I didn't think it was safe. So I tried calling everyone I could think of with a car. I found someone, we walked on our way to that friend's apartment, and then saw someone from my building leave in his car. So we turned around, went back, then she needed to use the bathroom. Then finally we made it to school. Fifty minutes late.

But no hitting, no biting, no hair pulling, no screaming. So all in all, a good morning.

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