Friday, December 18, 2009

Is it April yet?

In April, my cell phone contract is up, and I can ditch my "wow your plan is so old they haven't offered it in 5 years and don't you want to pay just $5 more per month for 150 more minutes even though you barely use 150 minutes as it is already?" plan for something more appropriate--whether a pre-paid plan or just a different carrier, either way something with a data plan since I am completely and totally addicted to having email access anywhere I am.

But it is not April, and I am currently faced with an awful predicament. According to my extortionist cell phone carrier, I am 247 minutes above my monthly limit this month.

How does a relationship that seems to consist entirely of phone calls at ELEVEN THIRTY AT NIGHT rack up 547 anytime minutes?!? A relationship that didn't even last the entire month?

[Yes, a good number of the calls are related to Sabrina, either people at the Agency, her mom or her dad, and a few "hi Mom I'm calling you because I'm bored waiting for Sabrina to get in the car" calls. It's not all George's "fault." But still...]

So now I'm faced with the following options:

1. Pay $0.45/minute for 247 minutes = $111.15
2. Up my plan to the 450 anytime minutes plan and pay an extra $5 per month plus $0.45/minute for 97 minutes = an additional $43.65
3. Up my plan to the 900 anytime minutes plan and pay $25 more per month (I think)

The question is whether changing my plan also changes my contract expiration. Because I refuse to end up with a new 2 year contract; it very well might be worth paying the $111 to avoid that. If it doesn't change my contract expiration, I'll go with option 3, and then switch back to 2 for the remaining months of the contract.

Any other suggestions? If it helps to know, my carrier is Veriz0n.

Cell phones suck.

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