Monday, December 14, 2009

Daily routines help

Somehow I haven't managed to make a reward chart yet. (Oops.) Really quick, in order to make the rest of this evening not slide downhill into disastrousness, I'm trying to put together an afternoon/evening routines chart. But part of the potential disastrousness is that I think I'm forgetting important things we need to do. This is what I have so far (trying to be as detailed as possible)--please remind me of the things that I'm missing.

Hold hand crossing street to car.
Let Foster Ima buckle seatbelt.
(Ride home.)
Hold hand in parking lot at home.
Let Foster Ima help with homework.
Play time.
Take inhaler(s) without holding breath.
Brush teeth AND let Foster Ima help with back teeth.
Let Foster Ima help floss teeth
Wash face
Clothes off
Medicine cream and moisturizing lotion
Pajamas on
Book time


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