Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is definitely my fault

Wilma (the social worker) didn't call me on Friday to let me know how long Sabrina's current visit with her dad is supposed to be--'til today or 'til tomorrow. And I didn't call her when it got to be almost Shabbat and I hadn't heard from her.

And I don't have her cell phone number. (THAT, my friends, is HER fault. Though I suppose I should have asked her for it.)

So I have to call Sabrina's dad to find out when I am supposed to be getting her. This is not good.


  1. You are doing a wonderful job. It has really gotten to our guy when I use words such as sad, hurt, angry etc when he is acting out. I typically get down on his level with a serious face, and say something along the lines of "it makes me sad when you hit me. you hurt me please don't do that again." The first few times he laughed at me, but it started to sink in.

    I usually say I understand that you are mad, but you cannot hit, I typically follow up with how he should have handled the situation without hitting.

    I also make sure I praise him when he uses words instead of hitting.

  2. It's amazing how helpful it is to hear (okay, read) basic advice over and over... I wonder about praising her for expressing her frustrating by calling me stupid and ugly, since I don't want her to think that those are okay words to use, but it definitely is better than hitting and biting, and she's only 4 so it's not like she has a huge expressive vocabulary. I'll have to give it a shot.