Thursday, December 17, 2009

Social worker

I should call Sabrina's social worker. I should have called her Tuesday, then yesterday, and today I definitely need to talk to her if only to confirm that she is picking up Sabrina from school today.

But as stubborn as Sabrina is (and BOY IS SHE STUBBORN), I'm just as stubborn. And I think the social worker should be calling me. So I'm not going to call.*

Why do I think the social worker should be calling me? Because I spent 10 minutes this morning on the phone with her supervisor's supervisor, crying. At that moment, Sabrina was pulling my hair. Out. She'd already bitten me and smacked me, and we were 40 minutes into the attempt to get her in her booster seat and buckled in. The supervisor said he was going to talk to Sabrina's worker. So don't you think that the social worker MIGHT have called me by now?

No? Okay, I'll call her.

*At least not until I'm done venting here. Then I probably will.

1 comment:

  1. If it were me, I'd be well past the point of asking for a removal. But of course you aren't me, so you are going to do what you feel is right. I have no advice other than to say, "Hang in there..."