Thursday, February 11, 2010


Saturday (well, starting Friday night) is my Hebrew birthday, followed on Wednesday by my regular birthday, which is also the half-birthday of my sister and my nephew. Tuesday is Sabrina's half-birthday. I have big plans for celebrating. Saturday night I'm having a party, not advertised as a birthday party, thrown together at the last minute: make-your-own pizzas and blanket-making for Project Linus. As of now, one person is coming other than me, one person is a maybe, 8 have said they are busy or out of town, and about 20 have viewed the invitation but not responded. (Thanks to evite for keeping track of those things.)

Then on Tuesday Sabrina comes back to me after more than a week at her dad's house, and either Tuesday or Wednesday we are going to go out to dinner. I want to celebrate and I want to make sure that she gets a real restaurant experience; I don't know if she has had one before or when she will get one again.

And Wednesday is the most exciting of all: my annual hair cut. Sometimes I get 2 a year. And sometimes I get off schedule when I look in the mirror and decide that there is NO WAY I can go out in public any more without a hair cut. But usually that doesn't happen. My hair looks very good when it gets cut, but then it continues to look good until one day it just doesn't anymore. That moment hit about a week ago, right about on time. I've made an appointment with "my guy" who does my eyebrows. He's never done my hair, but I like him so I figure he should get my tip money. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I'm curious: what's a Hebrew Birthday? Is it the anniversary of your naming?

    April in RI

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope your guy does a good job with your hair :o) I'm thankful that my sister went to "hair school" so I don't have to worry about how it's going to look when I get it done!

    Have a great day!