Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lots of great stuff today

Sabrina is making goodie bags to take to school on Friday. (We went to C0stc0 yesterday to buy things for mishloach manot--gifts given on Purim--so we are giving mishloach manot at school, too.) I originally thought she could decorate the bags for MY friends, but now I think I'll have to do that myself. Instead she is decorating bags for HER friends. Stickers. Who knew she would do it SO CAREFULLY. The amount of time she is spending to pick out the stickers is crazy. [As I was typing that sentence, she asked for help. So I will as soon as I finish typing today's cuteness.] Anyway, she is talking about how all her classmates love her and that is why she is giving goodie bags. What a sweetheart!


In the car on the way home from school Sabrina asked me if we could stop, but we had just gotten on the highway. I said "no, we just got on the highway." Her response? "Where is the down-way?" "The down-way? Oh! Because this is the highway?" "Yes." What a clever thinker!


A friend is coming over tonight to babysit. I'm completely stressed out about it. So is Sabrina.

We've been talking about how John is coming and is going to put her to bed, and then I'll come home while she's asleep. She has been asking who is taking her to school tomorrow, and where John is going to sleep, and if John is going to be here forever...


We took a bath right after school today. I have no idea when her last bath was because I neglected to call her dad over the weekend. Honestly, it could have been WEEKS since we missed our bath nights last week. And she was stinkeroo. Pretty amazing for a 4 year old to smell bad. But she got in the bath with no complaints and then afterwards let me put on her cream and then put on her pajamas. She asked to go to bed. It was only 4:45, so I said no. I can't get over how adorable she is.


Okay, off to help Sabrina with the goodie bags.

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