Friday, February 5, 2010


Let me start by saying that I learned (or realized?) something important about myself this morning. It is this: I am fine with being awakened by a small child in the middle of the night, but if that same small child tries to wake me up in the 20 or so minutes between the time that my alarm clock first goes off and the time that I stop hitting snooze, I'm a selfish little grump.

But once I realized that I couldn't get Sabrina to go back to sleep for a half hour (including a discussion in which she said she is afraid of the dark--the first time she has provided any sort of specific about what she is scared of), I banished the grump and we had an amazing morning.

Until she hit me in the nose with her shoe.

Seriously, though, we snuggled and she initiated all sorts of affectionate play. This was HUGE because normally she will only deign to let me touch her if she is sick. I don't know if part of it is that she's getting used to it now that I have figured out how to get her to let me put her lotion on (and thanks, by the way, to those who informed me that lotion is vastly inferior to cream; in just two applications her skin is smoother and she doesn't itch as much), but it was great.

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