Monday, February 1, 2010

Email to Wilma

The following is the redacted email I sent to Wilma this evening. The circumstances outlined in the email led to a meltdown in the car, such that 50 minutes after Sabrina was returned to me (that sounds worse than the circumstances were), she finally had her seatbelt on. (At which point she told me that she didn't want to listen to music or news, and she didn't want it to be quiet in the car. So I'm not sure what she wanted. Ultimately she cheered up and talked to me, and then started reciting Hickory Dickory Dock.)

Hi Wilma,
I need to give you an update on Sabrina's weekend with her dad. Our schedule has been that he picks Sabrina up from school on Friday afternoon and takes her to school on Monday morning. From what I learned this afternoon, I don't think that is going to continue to be a workable arrangement.

The immediate issue is that Sabrina didn't make it to school today, but spent the day with her Auntie (mom's sister) and mom. Dad took Sabrina to Auntie's house this morning but somehow couldn't take her all the way to school. Then Auntie's car didn't work and the mechanic couldn't come until 1, so Sabrina didn't get to school.

It seems to me that 1. if none of the adults in Sabrina's life can get her to school reliably while she is living with me, that she needs to be with me every morning that she needs to go to school. (I say this with complete acknowledgement of the fact that I sometimes have trouble getting Sabrina out of the house in the morning, so we are sometimes late to school.) And 2. as far as I know, Sabrina isn't supposed to be having unsupervised visits with Mom (or Auntie?).

I don't know what expectations have been conveyed to Dad about Sabrina's time with him. Please:
1. let me know what Dad has been told about his responsibilities vis a vis timing of visits and contact with other relatives,
2. let me know if you agree that a change needs to be made about the end-of-weekend transfer of Sabrina from Dad back to me, and if so, please communicate that to Dad, and
3. incorporating the request from the email I sent earlier in the weekend, let me know Sabrina's social security number for a visit to the [exciting building where famous people work].

Additionally, Sabrina was very disappointed that her visit with Mom had to be cancelled due to your illness on Thursday. (I hope that you are feeling better!) Is there not a back-up system in place so that situations like that don't have to happen?

Thank you,
Foster Ima

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