Sunday, February 28, 2010

School fundraisers

I need to say, first, that I think that school fundraisers are a waste of money. Parents and neighbors spend an unreasonable amount on so-so products, resulting in a few dollars for the school and even more for the fundraiser company. If each person who wanted, say, an apple pie just bought the pie at the grocery store and gave $3 to the kid's school, that person would spend less and the school would get more than if the person spent $19.95 on an apple pie through the fundraising company.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I have a specific complaint about the fundraising package that I got for Sabrina's school. Sabrina goes to a school in a neighborhood where people are not at all well off financially. So why is the school using a fundraiser where the least expensive item is $13? And requiring payment by cash or money order? (Actually I totally understand the cash or money order requirement, and the people in that neighborhood are probably used to it. It's my friends who don't know how to buy a money order and never carry cash.)

BUT, now that you know how I really feel, I'm going to hit you up. Because there is also an online option. Here's how it works:

Go to Put lots of overpriced goodies in your cart.* Then when you check out, enter the participant code 003626. That will apply your purchase to Sabrina. Your order will then be shipped to you.**


* For those who keep kosher, obviously it's not even worth looking at the pizzas. Most of the "Elegant Desserts" are O-U or circle-k; you can verify which by checking the product information. In the "Treats and Sweets," the apple dumplings and pumpkin roll are O-U, the chocolate eclairs are the vaad of somewhere in New England--I don't remember which vaad it is but they are acceptable--and the cookies are triangle-k.

** For those concerned about Passover, I don't know what the timing of shipping is for orders placed online.


  1. Yep. All parents know this, and I also don't understand why anyone with kids (or anyone who buys anything at a store) would ever purchase a fundraiser item, but I guess it's considered tacky to just ask for a few bucks for a school.

    I'll check out the link anyway, just in case...