Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today's successes (so far!) are the following:

1. I just called Sabrina's classmate's aunt to try to arrange a playdate. (I had to leave a message, but this has been on my to-do list for two weeks. I hate making phone calls.)

2. I got Sabrina's social security number from Wilma. (Why did Wilma have it when she wasn't at her desk? A bit beyond me, but at least she responded to that email, if not the longer one yet.)

3. And I emailed the rest of the information needed for our famous person building tour to my friend (well, his assistant), and just need his phone number or for him to call me so that I can pass along our SSNs.

4. When Sabrina lost her striped underpants this morning (don't ask how that happened, I still haven't found them), she didn't completely lose it.

5. I bought (finally) reward stickers. They cost an insane amount of money ($5.49 plus tax!) but starting tonight we're just going to plaster her with stickers every time she does something "right" (like brush her teeth with her toothbrush, instead of her finger, or breathe when she takes her inhaler).

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