Monday, February 1, 2010

Not related to anything, but...

I'm following Claudia's tweets as she suffers on a ridiculously long bus ride, and one of them reminds me of a story from college. So I thought I'd share, even though it is not related to ANYTHING.

Claudia tweeted: "Hey mister. If I wanted to listen to rap I would have put some on my own iPod. Did you know the earbuds go in your EARS???"

Sophomore year of college, my roommate and I barely tolerated each other. (Long story.) One day we were both in our room studying. She was on her computer writing a paper, and I was reading on my bed. She was listening to music, a Disney CD, through headphones. She was about as far away from me as was possible in our tiny room. And even though she was wearing headphones, I could SING ALONG with her music, it was so loud. But still, it had that muffled quality that made it frustrating to listen to. "Hey roomie," I asked, "since I enjoy the music that you're listening to, why don't you just listen to it without the headphones?" Roommate, in a snotty voice, replied that "I LIKE listening to it with headphones." I left to go to the common room to do my reading.

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