Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Must remember this

This morning, along with Sabrina's rendition of Jingle Bells (appropriate, perhaps, because of the snow?), we:

1. Got a sticker for taking her inhalers (both of them) without complaint and with breathing. Again, perhaps just because she knew she needed them?

2. Got a sticker for letting me slather lotion on her. Until the sticker incentive, I had NO IDEA just how dry her skin is. Especially on her stomach. (Hello, bad parenting on my part.) But she claims that the lotion (Eucerin) makes her itch more. Any suggestions for really good, effective lotion for sensitive skin?

3. Had some snuggle time when she climbed into my lap.

4. Did NOT get a sticker for getting dressed. Instead of getting dressed, she broke her Dora tent by flipping it around on all sides while in it. She did eventually get dressed.

5. Got a sticker for brushing her teeth and washing her face, though her Tigger toothbrush needed some convincing.

6. Got to school on time! Despite needing to clean snow off the car and school starting on time.


  1. Try Vanacream...It is dye free and fragrance free. We have used it with our foster kids daily. Also when giving a bath but baby oil in the bath water.

  2. Cetaphil cream. Lotions are actually more drying, ironically. Cetaphil was the best thing for my kids' dry skin when they were that age.

  3. straight up cocoa butter or extra virgin olive oil. putting oil in the bath helps a lot too.

  4. I didn't even think of oil in the bath, but it's a great idea. I get Vitamin E and aloe at Trader Joe's and put them in my baths and they're lovely.