Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Advice requested

Didn't want to put this in my novel-length last post. Since my vinyl tablecloth had a rip in it (thanks, Sabrina), I bought some clear vinyl at the fabric store today, threw away the old tablecloth, and replaced it with a regular "tablecloth" (actually a sheet) covered with the clear vinyl. The tablecloth is purple, which is Sabrina's favorite color. (Also mine, which is why I have it.)

Sabrina saw it and FLIPPED OUT. She does NOT want a purple tablecloth. She wants a tablecloth that is a color she doesn't like. I did some mirroring with her, though I'm still working on it and could definitely have done better. So it didn't get too bad, but she is still insisting that I buy a different tablecloth. She doesn't get to control that, but I don't want her flipping out every day that I don't buy a new tablecloth.

Any thoughts on other things I can say to her?

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  1. My guess is that this "flip out" is her way of expressing one of two things (or both) - 1)"I don't like change!!" and/or 2)"I don't want to admit liking anything about living here!". Be calm and don't make an issue. If she brings it up, matter of factly tell her that this is the tablecloth you bought and you aren't going to buy a new one. Then, either ignore future whining or just repeat that same sentence over and over and over.... broken record style. The key is to be as nonchalant about it as possible. You are signifying that this is not an issue - its a fact of life. Good luck!