Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I think I've mentioned repeatedly my trouble with feeding Sabrina dinner. It starts with my pre-kid habit of eating pasta, pasta, and more pasta. And is complicated by Sabrina's claims not to like anything (no pizza, no chicken, no mac and cheese, no potatoes...). And further complicated by my supermarket deciding not to carry my kosher sliced turkey anymore!

Well, I think I've hit upon an idea that will make dinner fun, educational, and easier for me to plan.

Yesterday, quite by accident, we had Cheese and Carrots.
Tonight, we had Spaghetti and Salad.

Get the idea?

So tomorrow we are going to have Tofu (really. if she doesn't like it, I'll give her some cheese) and Tomatoes.

Still working on Thursday, maybe Whitefish salad and Water chestnuts? (Not really. The letter of the week in her class is "w" this week.)


  1. Watermelon? Wasabi peas? Water? :)

  2. wings? wheat bread? white rice? wavy gravy?

  3. Cute ideas! We're going to go with "P"--peanut noodles and (red) peppers. The added bonus of this one is that I can make it all in advance so when she gets home from her visit with her mom at 6:50 and I want her in bed by 7:30, we have half a chance of getting in bed by 8.

  4. I like it! That's perfect for that age. It sounds like Sabrina will dig it because it's not trying to 'trick' her - you know, calling broccoli 'fairy trees' or something like that. This is much more on her intellectual level.