Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staying with me, part 2, and Uh oh, part 3

I just realized something. Sabrina doesn't have any gloves with me. They didn't make it to school with her on Tuesday from whatever family member she actually was staying with.

I went to three stores today, but you know, they just don't sell winter clothes after winter starts. (Makes me wonder what I would do if I had a new placement right now, but thankfully that isn't the issue.)

One cold day (there is frozen crud falling from the sky as I type) without gloves wasn't going to kill her. And she was going to come back after the weekend with a pair. (She has at least 3. To go along with her 5 pairs of black sneakers. But that's a different story.) But if she is going to stay for the weekend, and we have a 20-minute-for-an-adult walk to shul (even if we don't make it to services, We Are Going to lunch), she needs gloves. Really and truly.

Thoughts? I've been to Target, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx.


  1. do you have a Burlington Coat Factory? If I can find swimsuits there in October, you might be able to find gloves in Jan.

    try dollar stores too.

  2. I just found some gloves for my husband last week at Stop & Shop in a "seasonal clearance" aisle.

    - April

  3. Can you ask around? I think you have neighbors with little kids, right? Surely someone would let you borrow a pair of gloves. Most parents know that they need to have extras!

  4. She may not like it, but a pair of kid's socks works really well too. Double layer if it's really cold, and if you use adult socks, they can go up into her coat sleeve and not fall off.

  5. These are all great suggestions, thanks. Especially thanks for the sock idea!

    I just got a call from the social worker that everything is fine for Sabrina to go to dad's, though, so it turns out not to be a problem after all.