Wednesday, January 13, 2010


...Tracy! Not a pseudonym.

Tracy is the newest addition to the Foster Ima and Sabrina household. She is a female betta fish; I am pretty sure we got a girl simply because Sabrina didn't like my suggestion that boy betta fish are prettier. I even asked the Petsmart associate why they bother selling female bettas. They had about three. Seriously.

At this particular moment in time I'm having heart palpitations because from across the room, I think Tracy might be dead. She's at the top of her water and not moving. Okay, Deep breaths while I go check on her...

Okay, all is well. Seriously I was freaking out there for a moment.

We almost didn't make it to the pet store today because I forgot that Sabrina wanted me to bring play clothes for her to change into after school, and she refuses to choose between "pet store in school clothes" or "go home and play." The pet store is in the opposite direction from home, so going home to change before going to the pet store was not an option.

I really didn't think that we were going to leave with a fish (I thought we would just look at the tropical fish and the birds), but I was mentally prepared for the possibility of a betta. And at $13 for a tank, water conditioner, food, AND the fish (it would have been $14 if we'd gotten a boy), I couldn't really complain. PLUS, I'd never gotten a betta for myself because--and this is really stupid--I couldn't figure out how I would get it home in my car without it spilling. It turns out that 4 year olds do a really good job of holding the fish cup.


  1. 上班好累哦,看看部落格轉換心情~~~先謝謝啦!!........................................

  2. What a great idea!
    IME, betta's do spend most of their time looking dead, so I hope Sabrina doesn't expect a lot. Is Tracy Sabrina's responsibility?

    The fish store's get a shipment of each kind of fish, and I guess some females must get mixed up in there. Although I wonder how they keep the males from fighting while they're shipped. Maybe they drug them a bunch more?