Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mmm, soup

This isn't a food blog, I leave that to some real life friends of mine as well as the pros, but since I'm sitting on my sofa slurping leftovers from lunch today, I wanted to share the recipe.

First of all, regarding soup on Shabbat, and particularly for lunch. In case anyone is considered about my halachic observance. I made the soup yesterday afternoon and then put it in my oven at 200. That keeps it warm without boiling...which would have the unfortunate result of getting rid of all of the water between last night and this afternoon, burning my pot, and probably burning my apartment building down. (Maybe not the last of those.)

That out of the way:

Spinach and Black Bean Soup

1 tbsp jarred diced garlic (if the jar has been in your refrigerator for at least 4 years, all the better. Not really, just sayin' this is why I don't use fresh. You could, if you're not a lazy bum. Or, you know, not busy dealing with your kids with RAD, FASD, and other time-consuming issues. Like being kids.)
some olive oil (what, you want precise amounts? it's for sauteeing the garlic in. Use however much seems reasonable to you.)
a bag and a half of spinach (the 9 ounce bags, when they are on sale for $1 each, making them beyond reasonably priced. You could use the bags from costco, too. And really, you could use two whole 9 ounce bags. I only used less because I'd already used half a bag.)
2 cans of black beans
some tomato. I used about a third of a can of diced tomatoes, because they were leftover from something else. You could use more or probably leave them out altogether. I tossed them in the pot because I didn't know what else I was going to do with them.
A bit of white wine that has been open in your refrigerator for probably three months. Taste it first to make sure it's not completely turned to vinegar. This is just for extra flavor. Feel free to leave it out.
Some lime juice.

Saute the garlic, then add the spinach and let it cook down a bit so it fits in your pot. Then add everything else. Cook. Enjoy.

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