Saturday, January 9, 2010

A milestone

Since Sabrina has gone to her dad's every weekend except the first, I have not had to worry about what to do about going to shul. Sometimes I go, sometimes I sleep, but when I go, I tend to reflect while davenning (praying, but somehow the yiddish and the English just have different connotations for me) on needing Shabbat to refresh from the stress of dealing with Sabrina, and seeking strength and wisdom to know what to do for her, and guidance to be less selfish.

Last night I went to shul, and I thought about how it would be fun to have Sabrina with me. The person leading was using great tunes with a lot of energy, and while my community is VERY staid and not the type of community where people dance during Friday night services, I would have danced with Sabrina. I think she would have enjoyed it. In other words, I missed her.

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