Thursday, January 21, 2010


That was interesting; I just got a phone call from Sabrina's dad. I acted as if everything is normal for her visit, and I hope that was the correct thing to do. He asked me to please send her to school in a particular pair of shoes tomorrow and to hide her bag of toys so that she won't take it with her. Now, I'm completely in agreement with dad that Sabrina doesn't need to take her bag of toys. I've seen that she has toys at dad's house, and by keeping them in their bag here (she won't take them out), she's not playing with them at all. And it's a pain to schlep the bag to school on Fridays. (Of course, if there is unsanctioned schlepping between houses over the weekend, it would make it harder for them, too.) But Sabrina wants to take the toys, and she wants to take certain clothes, and it's not worth it to fight over whether it makes sense to take toys to her daddy's house, when I want to make sure that she is holding my hand to cross the street, not spilling milk on the furniture, and taking her inhaler. AND, there is no lying to this girl. She will catch you on it faster than (there must be a good metaphor here), and she has enough reason to distrust adults already. Why make it worse?

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