Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whining and moaning

Wilma called an hour ago, waking me from my second nap in two days. Apparently she had not yet heard from Sabrina's mom about the visit today. All I could think to respond was, in an unfortunately snotty tone, "well, Sabrina's expecting you at the end of the school day." If I'd been halfway coherent, I might have whined and moaned even more. I don't think I would have given in to the nap if I had known that I would have 4 fewer hours in my day than I planned to have. Now, I might have to leave in 15 minutes to get Sabrina from school, and I've still not done any work on my d'var torah, nor have I applied for the jobs I plan to apply for. And I'm still groggy from my nap, and my headache still hasn't gone away.

This will also be Sabrina's first cancelled visit with her mom, and I don't have a clue how she will react. She cried a little for her mom yesterday, but we haven't called her at all this week (leading me to wonder if the good behavior is related to NOT talking to mom).

I'm not feeling very grown-up right now. Can I go back to sleep?

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