Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Uh oh

A conversation in the car on the way home from school today:

Sabrina: "My Auntie picked me up from school, not my daddy."
Me: "Your Auntie picked you up from school on Thursday?" [Friday was a professional development day and school was closed.]
Sabrina: "Yes. My daddy called my mommy and asked her to pick me up."
Me: "And who took you to school this morning?"
Sabrina: "My Auntie."
Me: "Where did you sleep this weekend?"
Sabrina: "The pink room. [My female cousin] has a pink bedroom and [my male cousin] has a blue bedroom."
Me: "Did you sleep in [your cousin's] room just last night or all weekend?"
Sabrina: "Last night and all weekend."
Me: "Did you see your daddy this weekend?"
Sabrina: "I just talked to him on the phone."

Uh oh.

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