Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1. Sabrina would. not. get out of bed this morning so we had a half hour earlier bedtime tonight. The problem? 20 minutes in and she's currently standing on her bed. She's obviously not tired yet, but she also obviously needs more than 10 and a half hours of sleep. I'd wake her up a half hour later, but then if she dawdles again (oh who am I kidding? WHEN she dawdles again...) we won't have time to get ready for school on time.

2. I had a job interview today and it did NOT go well. The weird thing is that before the interview I was thinking about how I generally feel that my interviews have gone well, so I was wondering if I would know when one didn't. Yep, I guess I will.

3. I took my knitting to my job interview (to do on public transportation on my way there) and the security people wouldn't let me in the building with it. Seriously, folks, you can take knitting needles on planes, so why not to the DMV? Creative problem solving, done by the receptionist, unfortunately, not by me: leave the knitting with the hot dog vendor outside.

4. I broke a really good pot (Le Creuset) yesterday. I sat it on the counter and it fell.

5. Sabrina has taken to hitting me again. This evening, she swung her shoe at my back. I have FIVE parenting books to read now.

6. The "other" information that Wilma got last week? The ICPC [insert correct noun here] was denied. Dad has an outstanding warrant. I don't know for what, I don't know if he has dealt with it, etc., but after he deals with it, the agency has to re-open the petition and Dad's state has to do all their stuff again.

7. We went to the zoo yesterday to take advantage of some unseasonably beautiful weather. Lots of fun 'til Sabrina wouldn't give my camera back when I asked for it. (She had been throwing things and it looked like she was going to throw the camera. Plus she just had that "I'm not going to listen to you anymore" look.) In case you were wondering, the three parts of an insect are the head, thorax, and abdomen. The thorax is the middle part, even though you might think that the abdomen is the middle part. Apparently I don't know what the thorax is on a person. (This information all from my older sister.)

Sabrina looks to be finally asleep. Off to do important things like hang up wet laundry from 11 this morning.

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