Saturday, January 30, 2010

Asking for help--again

I'm making some pictures of "red light" (never okay), "yellow light" (usually not okay, but grown up has discretion), and "green light" (always okay) behavior. I have two questions on this quiet Saturday night:

1. What would you include in each of these categories (especially green light, as it is easy to come up with the DON'Ts--hitting, biting, not wearing a seatbelt in the car--but less easy to come up with the DOs)?

2. Do you have sources for good clip art to illustrate behaviors? "hitting clipart" gets a lot of baseball and bowling pictures.



  1. For hitting try other words, punching, boxing, fight? might help.

  2. If you go to there is a teacher toolkit with a wonderful schedule maker program. A lot of families living with FASD have used this site. There is a subscription cost for the schedule program but I paid for it one year and found it to be very helpful. You can do story strips (morning routine, etc..), behavior related pictures, "if-then" pictures, etc.. Maybe your foster care program has a grant you can use to purchase this?

    I love that you are using visuals! One tip I found helpful was to show what to do more than we concentrate on what NOT to do. Good luck! ~Kari

  3. green light possibilities: be kind? ask for a snack? give hugs? read a book?

  4. Green lights could be: Get dressed for school without fighting or arguing. Brush teeth. Say please when you ask for things. Say thank you. Being kind. Telling someone something you like about them. Using words when you're angry instead of hitting. Talking about your feelings. Etc