Friday, January 8, 2010

A little overwhelmed

Last night, Sabrina woke up at around 1 am (pretty standard) and then again at 5:30. Since my alarm was going to go off literally one minute after she woke me up, I didn't have much luck with the "it's still nighttime, let's go back to sleep" attempt I made.

We had a little bit of a melt-down just at the point when we were getting ready to go out the door (without having eaten breakfast; I put some cereal and a milk in my bag for her to have in the car, though if we'd gotten out of the house she would have been at school in time to eat there)--hitting, crying, yelling, all because I wouldn't (couldn't, but she didn't see it that way) zip her coat while she was sitting down. 35 minutes later, we'd been awake for two and a half hours and we were both tired and hungry. And still inside.

Fast forward to when I got home after dropping her off and going to the supermarket. This is the overwhelmed part. Shabbat starts in four and a half hours from now (approximately). I'm having friends over for lunch, so I need to cook and clean. I made dessert yesterday, and I've already made a side dish and put the main dish in the oven to cook. The challah dough is rising.

But this is the first day in four that I haven't been felled by a headache, so I have my entire to-do list still to do! I have to assemble my sixth dining room chair, apply for one job specifically as well as a bar association volunteer position, and wash a ton of dishes. (Plus whatever else is on my list, which right now is sitting by the front door rather than where it belongs on my desk.) AND tomorrow I'm giving the dvar torah at services, and it's going to be B-A-D Bad. Alas.

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