Monday, January 4, 2010

Today was good. Tomorrow, well...

...tomorrow morning is going to be rough.

Sabrina came back today (instead of yesterday) and our afternoon was fabulous. One hundred percent, nothing went wrong, truly wonderful fabulous.

But as we were getting ready to get ready for bed, she announced that she is wearing jeans to school tomorrow. Um, no darling. You are going to wear school pants. "No, I'm going to wear jeans. I like jeans." "I like jeans, too. But if I had a job, I would have to wear work clothes, and since you are going to school, you have to wear school clothes." "No. Miss Smith [not her teacher's name] said I can wear jeans. [Seeing that I was going to dispute her claim...] She said so last night while I was asleep."

So tomorrow we are going to have trouble getting her into her uniform. That will then spiral into trouble getting in the car (at 15 degrees) and other unpleasantness. I can't wait.

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