Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School pants

Sabrina told me that the pants I laid out for her were dirty. It turned out that there were about two specks of lint. I told her that lint isn't dirty. Dirty is when you wear clothes and play in the mud or spill food on them.

She then banished me to my room, and I wondered why.

But I didn't wonder long, because first I heard the clink of a spoon on a bowl, and then she brought a wet pair of school pants to me. As soon as she is dressed (I suppose I should make her wear her cereal-dirtied pants, but she is going to wear a dress instead), she'll be cleaning up the cereal that is on the floor.

(As I typed that, she blamed it on a monster that was just as quick as Santa Claus--who I just described as super-quick, sneaking in and out so fast that kids can't seem him. She's smart, but still cleaning it up!)


  1. Oh my gosh. Don't tell me you actually went to your room!

  2. I did! I only have so many fights in me, ya know? :-)