Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Killing time

I have had a headache all day, but am staying up for at least another hour instead of just crawling into bed. Why? Because I had chicken for dinner but want ice cream. So much for eating meat as a diet tool. (Must wait three-plus hours after meat before eating any dairy.)

So here I share with you the list of things that I did not get done today on account of having this headache. (I took a nap this afternoon, believe it or not. It didn't help.)

1. I didn't work on my dvar torah. (Still looking for your insights, please.) I tried thinking about it while napping, but didn't get very far.

2. I didn't follow up with Wilma (Sabrina's social worker) to confirm her visit with mom tomorrow. Wilma picks her up from school to go to the visits, so this is important for me to know. Preferably before we go to school. (I emailed Wilma yesterday asking; she didn't respond.)

3. I didn't go to the bank to close an inactive account that has a whopping $88 in it.

4. I didn't apply for any jobs; one in particular is with someone I did some work for, so am hoping that the connections might help. But I figure I'm better off waiting until I can write a coherent sentence before I attempt the cover letter.

5. I didn't call the pharmacy where I got Sabrina's prescriptions filled yesterday to say, "um, the prescription was for a quantity of TWO albuterol inhalers, why did you give me only one?" (Two rescue inhalers, so that she has one at school in case she needs it.)

6. I didn't call the doctor to say "why did you call in a prescription for Flovent 110? Sabrina takes 44."

7. I didn't assemble the dining room chair I bought on Monday. (The first five sat in my foyer for a good three months before I got around to assembling them, so really, three days isn't so bad.)

8. I did not succeed in making it a second day without soda. I did so well yesterday, but then...I had this headache and thought it might be caffeine withdrawal, and...

May tomorrow be a better (more productive, less headachey) day.

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