Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sabrina tales

Yesterday we were talking about nieces and nephews, and I was having a very hard time convincing Sabrina that "nieces are girls and nephews are boys." She insisted that "one girl is a niece, and lots of girls are nephews."

Today I went to Tar-jay to buy Sabrina new underwear and socks. (I took most of her underwear and socks to her dad's house when she was there for two weeks because he said he needed it, but it didn't come back with her--I called dad and asked if we could meet and he bring me her things, he then called mom, and mom then offered to meet me with "some cute outfits." It took a lot to explain that Sabrina really only wears school clothes when she's with me--for whatever reason, she doesn't like to change into play clothes after school--so she doesn't need cute outfits, she just needs underwear.) But she doesn't need the whole amount that I bought (a package of 10 pairs of undies, for example) so I opened the packages and just put a few in her drawer. But she's a smart one, that Sabrina, and her mom gets her underwear at Tar-jay as well. So Sabrina opened the drawer, saw that I'd bought new, and asked "where's the rest?"

I also bought additional oatmeal today. I opened the box and put the packets in the box that came from her auntie, hoping that she will accept the oatmeal as being from her auntie. I anticipate that she will recognize that I've tried to trick her.

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