Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pre-K homework

This week, Sabrina's class is working on the "S" sound. For homework tonight, she had three worksheets in which she had to name pictures and identify which start with an S. Two of them were fine. The third, however, had the following pictures, as identified by Sabrina:
  • sink
  • saw
  • nail
  • ice cream
  • clothes
with four circles for the four correct answers.

Yes, they expected 4 year olds to correctly identify the ice cream as a sundae, and the clothes as a suit.

She put those two together because they were the ones that were wrong, and then, because wrong answers were going on the worksheet, she also glued on the nail, and then the 4 from the first worksheet. And then she refused to do the third because she had just gotten home, it was already 7 pm, she hadn't eaten dinner, and she must have been exhausted.

Side rant: she didn't get home until 7 pm! I'm glad she had a good visit with her mom, but with homework and dinner and books, she didn't get to sleep until ten minutes ago, at almost 9:30. She's FOUR. It's no wonder that when she finally lay down at 9:20 she was complaining loudly that she couldn't sleep.


  1. Any PreK program that gives kids homework, to say nothing about using worksheets at all, is no place for a child. The fact that the work is unrealistic is worse.Is this your only choice?

  2. All of the public schools in my Big City have homework in pre-k (ugh), plus it's the school she went to before she was placed with me. When she goes to live with her dad, I think he is going to put her in private school. (Also he lives in another state, which is what is causing the delay in her going to live with him.)