Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well this is interesting...

It hadn't occurred to me that if Sabrina wakes me up at oh-blank-thirty (that's right, isn't it?), I can get lots done before it's time for her to get up for school. And it's a lot less embarrassing than when she wakes me up after I've hit snooze for a half hour.

Here's how it works:

Sabrina goes to sleep in her bedroom with the light on. At 10:30 I go to bed, but first ponder whether to turn the light off in her room and on in the hallway. I decide it's darker in my room with the light on in her room, and leave it as it is. At 4:00, Sabrina wakes up, and because it is light as day in her room, she comes to me and asks if it is time to get up. "No, still two and a half more hours." "But I'm not sleepy!" "Okay, go get your pillow and you can lie down in my bed."

And then I can no longer sleep. So thoughts run through my head about what I need to do before she wakes up (shower, dishes, lay out her clothes) and what I need to do while she's at school and and and...

So now it's 6, I've showered, washed dishes, laid out her clothes, made a list of what I need to do today, checked my email and facebook and twitter and blogs, and shared my early morning adventures with you all. Sabrina has now woken up and decided not to go back to bed, so it's time for our power struggle over what to wear to school today.

Good morning!

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