Monday, January 11, 2010

Letter recognition

Sabrina had to look through a magazine today to find capital and small "u"s. She was Super Quick at spotting capital "U"s. As in, she opened the magazine to a page and pointed to the U right away. But she has trouble with lowercase "u"s. She spots "n" and points to it, but can't find "u" at all. So interesting to me. (I said, "Sabrina, a "u" looks like an upside-down "n." Do you see any upside-down "n"s? Nope.)

Another note: she has told me that she doesn't like grilled cheese, and she has told me that she doesn't like tomato soup, but tonight I made both for dinner and she ate them. She had a bite of the soup, said it was good, then after two more bites said it tastes funny, and then kept eating it. Silly girl!

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