Friday, January 15, 2010

Embarassing question

Thank goodness for the relative anonymity of blogs (or this one, at least). Whenever Sabrina changes her clothes, she strips completely naked and changes everything. The other day she went through three complete outfits, including underwear. When I was growing up, I only changed my underwear once a day unless I had an accident (or got soaked through in the rain or something). Which is more normal?


  1. For me your way is more normal, change underwear once a day unless there is a specific reason to do it more (soaked, going on a date, etc)

    It might be a battle thats easier not to fight, but it also might be that she thinks that that is how it is supposed to be because no-one has told her any different way.

  2. I have had older kids that do that too, but that usually slows down when they start having to do laundry.

    We have also had the opposite, kids who refuse to put on clean underwear.

  3. I was raised with the once-a-day rule.

    And while we're anonymously on the subject, it creeps me out when little girls call them 'panties' (Rose did this.) That's what Victoria Secret sells. Please. You're young. Call them underwear. Heck, I still do.

  4. We've always gone with the once-a-day rule (though when the laundry is a little short on undies, I have a little "I know you haven't been changing" chat w/ the kids)

    @wherestheparty - it's funny you say that - I always thought it was the other way around. "Panties" for little girls, "underwear" when you're older. Although, to be honest, our favored word at home is "undies." Guess that's a mish-mash.

  5. Sabrina calls them either "underwear" or "drawers." I tried to introduce "undies" but she had difficulty with that one, as she also had with "PJs."

    And thanks, all, for your insight.