Monday, January 18, 2010

Parents. Mine, that is.

Well, that was an interesting 26 hours with my family. My mom getting snippy with my 85-plus year old grandmother (my dad's mom); my sister, her girlfriend, and me getting annoyed with my mom; and then my favorite: my sister and mom were talking about my grandmother, when, among other things, my mother told my sister that Grandma loves her (my sister) more than she loves me, and I know it and am okay with it. Wha---??

Here's the thing. I'm pretty confident that my sister is a better granddaughter than I am. And is better able to draw out the many interesting things my grandmother has to say and share than I am. But I don't think that my grandmother loves either one of us better than the other. That's just not how she is.

My mom, on the other hand, arrived at my grandmother's apartment this morning and the first words out of her mouth were "did you mean to leave your belt unbuckled?"

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