Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random stuff

I'm in my parents' computer room freezing my toes off (yes, I'm wearing socks) and am convinced that the floor is not level. Anyway... I'm here because I didn't get my fill of my big sister and my nephew today, so I'm spending the night and going outlet shopping with them in the morning (Lego store!) before my parents take them to the airport. My mom dug out a fresh toothbrush for me, and I can live without my happy pills for a day, so I'm all set. (Three loads of laundry later, I have plenty of clean clothes and pajamas.)

Bright and early (dark and rainy and early) this morning, I went to the grand opening of a friend's yarn store. I bought too much yarn, though I'm not sure there is such a thing, but for the last two hours I've been futzing around on the computer because I don't have anything to knit.


Not completely true, of course... I have all that yarn, which my parents can't know about because of my lack-of-job situation, but I don't have the correct needles. I brought enough knitting to work on while here for an afternoon, but didn't prepare for spending the night. I finished the hat I was making for a friend (I can't be COMPLETELY selfish with my knitting) and determined that my next project, a beautiful dress, needs size 7 needles, even though the pattern calls for size 5. I brought size 6. Guess who will be making another trip to the yarn store??

I know this isn't a knitting blog, but I can't have another blog, and really I don't have enough to say about knitting to make it worthwhile. So please indulge me.

This morning I fondled some alpaca and wow is it amazing. I am going to have to zip through this dress, the two skirts I bought yarn for, and the sweater I bought yarn for, so that I can buy some alpaca and make something with it. (Since the dress is 240-some stitches around, with 15 rows of 480-some stitches, "zipping" is probably not going to be happening.) (I have big plans to knit curtains for all the rooms in my apartment, though, so that will probably come sometime after the dress and before the sweater, and definitely before anything with alpaca. But really, wow, alpaca.)

And now I'm just procrastinating on the sleeping thing, because "my" bedroom in my parents house is So Effing Cold. They keep the house at about 62 during the day and a lot colder at night. My pajamas have short sleeves. The sheets on the bed are cold and if I move at all once I'm snuggled in, I hit cold patches. It isn't as bad, though, as the year when my parents lived in a city on the banks of one of the Great Lakes. It was my first year of college, and not intending to move back to the city I grew up in, they bribed me to spend time with them by giving me the entire finished attic. The house was insulated wrong so my bedroom got basically no heat. This isn't that bad.

Okay... going to go brave the cold. If you don't ever hear from me again, it is because I've turned into a popsicle.

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